GM To Launch “Excellence for Everyone” Campaign

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Chevrolet Camaro

After filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy last June, GM has decided to launch a marketing campaign centered on “Excellence for Everyone”. The new campaign will feature more of the Corvettes and Camaros we all love. The Detroit automaker doesn’t do a good enough job leveraging those iconic names to help the Chevrolet brand, according to Mark Reuss, president of GM North America.

"When have you ever seen ’Vettes and Camaros in ads for Equinox and Malibu?" he wrote in a web chat with the Detroit Press. "This will change."

Change is something that GM should be getting accustomed to. This effort to boost sales comes after a new CEO, multiple restructurings, and the closing down of some of their dealerships (and then the reopening of some).

We should see the news ads appear sometime in the next couple of months and although the marketing campaign is centered on “Excellence for Everyone”, Reuss assures that this will not be Chevy’s new tagline.


Well, if that’s the case, all we need to do is just wait and see if they are telling the truth. But as of now, Camaro’s are indeed good for everyone.

Well, a lot of people loves the Camaros but a lot of people doesn’t get to have that chance to drive one mainly of the few reasons:
1.too expensive for them
2.not available in their country
3.not practical to own (maintenance)
If they could find a way to make the car more reachable for the people, I’m pretty sure that they will sell more of those babies.

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