GM Turns Its Attention To Europe

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With North America taken care of, General Motors is turning its attention to the European market, where the company is struggling with high operating costs with its Opel and Chevrolet brand.

The European vehicle lineup is a bit different when compared to the one in America. Where as its American lineup was outdated and uncompetitive a few years ago, the European products are just fine. The Opel Insignia was 2009’s European Car of the Year and the Astra was third in 2010.

Instead of product failures, it’s the high operating costs and mediocre sales that are hurting the company. On top of that, GM’s increased emphasis on importing cars from Korea has lowered production costs.

GM of Europe has seen its market share in Germany plummet to 8 percent during the first quarter of 2010. On the plus side, an increased demand for Chevrolet in the United Kingdom has seen the company’s European market share climb by 0.6 percent.

During the second quarter, GM did manage to reduce losses, but it was at a terrible cost. There were massive job cuts - around 8,000 people - and the closure of a plant in Belgium. Many believe this, and GM’s overall downturn, has hurt the brand’s image. GM even tried to sell Opel, but they changed their minds.

Source: Detroit News


When GM brings one of those nice little diesels over and puts it in a US model I may actually consider buying a GM.

GM had originally relied on its now-defunct partnership with Fiat for expertise in diesel engines for the European market

When GM brings one of those nice little diesels over and puts it in a US model I may actually consider buying a GM.

Europe doesn’t need the sort of engineering that Holden does; big heavy inefficient cars. Maybe Chrysler, but then their deal with Fiat is based on the use of Fiat’s small car and super-efficient high performance diesel tech.

Most likely that would be deal European market is not that bad though..

I think this thing would be at the top of my bucket list. I’ve only driven a 911 turbo so I can’t imagine how much more fun this could be but if I had to go, it would be maxing this thing out with a big "oh sh!t" grin on my face.

Then I noticed that the article referred to Chevrolet, and now I understand. Here, Chevrolet is growing a lot.

I was about to bash GM like everyone else, I thought GM booming abroad, that’s crazy, I live in Honduras, Central America and I don’t see GM’s a lot.

So why did they asked for a loan in the first place? It’s better to risk other people money isn’t it?

If GM wants to beat the competition they would offer a small diesel pickup truck that gets at least 30mpg and would officially allow using B20 fuel. They could call it something stupid like LUV — but Colorado TD would be better.

After spending a fair amount of time in London, I am disappointed at the great cars Vauxhall sells there that we can’t get here. They have a great line of cars (especially compared to a lot of GM offerings here). Why in the heck can’t they bring some of them over here?

I thought GM would only stick to America, but I guess after the losses they’ve made they would also want to try other market

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