Gran Turismo 5: 2.03 upgrade now available for download

The first downloadable package for the new Gran Turismo 5 became available back in October, followed by a second upgrade package for December, and now GT5 honchos have come up with a third update to to add to the collection. Think they’re overdoing it a bit? Yeah, so do we, but making money is always at the forefront of these decisions.

The new 2.03 update package includes 12 new home themes and wallpapers, better tire wear prediction in B-Spec races, and adjustments to the Chaparral 2J race car’s performance point index. Gamers can also choose between two different packages. Car Pack 3 includes models like the Nissan Leaf , the 2010 Aston Martin V12 Vantage , the 2011 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 , the 2011 MINI Cooper S Countryman , and the classic Volkswagen Beetle. Price for this package is $5.99.

The second update package choice is called the Speed Test Pack and includes an 18.82 miles long track where you can test models like the Red Bull X2011 . The price for this package is $3.99.


It has its first downloadable package that other models dont have. The concept design is perfectly awesome at it’s best.

It’s a good theme on a good game. Different cars included so it’s exciting to play it and get some burning of tires. I’ll be downloading it now.

This game is the game that I am playing since I was a teenager. This GT5 is the latest of GT. I’ll be downloading it now.

This game is flabbergast. The Gran Turismo 5 is now available for downloading. Look at those nicest race cars. It’ll be a fun.

Sounds good, for the gamers we can now download the latest GT—GT5. The five cars available is enough to live on to the game with newest themes and racetracks. Its convenient because it’s now downloadable.

I will definitely download it, no matter how much this would cost. smiley I will definitely pick the Car Pack 3 for it has those pretty good cars included on it.

It’s a great news for Gran Turismo fans because it has its first downloadable package that I think other models doesn’t have. However, the concept design is definitely a sports car.

I want the first package! haha And its quite affordable for that five car models. What I want the most is the Aston Martin V12 Vantage, because if I can’t have it on my garage, at least I have it even for a game.

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