Gran Turismo 5 “Nights” Trailer Leaves Us Begging For More

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Polyphony Digital has managed to create a trailer that has reminded us just how much we want Gran Turismo 5. As if we needed a reminder. It starts off with a few night shots that slowly start to rev up your engines before the trailer erupts into a series of high speed scenes. The trance music accompanying the trailer makes your heart race as you see images of the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG fly by the screen. Added to the mix are more racing scenes, a crash, and some NASCAR. All I can say is that I want more.

And don’t worry; if you haven’t had a chance to pick up a PS3, there is a quick reminder at the end of the trailer as to how much one costs.


so i guess the Gt5 makes a drools and wanted for more..

Hold your horses. This thing is three years overdue. I have a PS3, and I’m not holding my breath for this game. I’m guessing it won’t make the release date, but I’d love to be wrong. I just hope it’s actually fun. GT2 was fun... GT3 was okay, but pretty, and GT4 was basically GT3 with more options. I’m not sure what happened. It just wasn’t fun to play.

actually there is no gap to fill, Forza3 is the end all be all. And it doesn’t have these goofy arcade graphic screens like this deck. Forza3 is tastefully done, this is rubbish.

How long will they keep us waiting, smiley I’m dying of waiting this game.

What a F***, why in the world did they remove the much awaited GT-5 trailer?.

How long has it been exactly that we have been waiting for the game to finally show up in the market? I have watched hundreds of videos leaked and as preview of the game and still I’m left dreaming of the day that I get to actually play it.

Congrats to Polyphony, they are really one of the best game creators after Infinity ward.

good post like the car

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