Grand Theft Auto V to have a bag of surprises

It’s been a while since Rockstar Games released the latest installment of its hit Grand Theft Auto franchise, but all that appears to be irrelevant now that the newest trailer for the latest version, GTA V , has hit the web.

This time, the setting is Los Santos, a fictionalized town that greatly resembles Los Angeles. The open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay returns for another chapter in the hit game franchise that has broken multiple records during its run.

For this game, Rockstar Games released a number of teaser photos that include, most notably, the return of the Ferrari 512 TR-based Grotti Cheetah. If you remember, the supercar first appeared in GTA III before being surprisingly left out of GTA IV . With the fifth installment of the game, the Cheetah looks to be prowling the roads once again, only this time, it’s running roughshod over the streets of Los Santos.

There’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to Gran Theft Auto V. If the Cheetah didn’t tickle your fancy, then how about a jet fighter patrolling the skies of the glitzy town of Los Santos?


Land, Air and Water can be conquered in the town of Los Santos. GTA made it perfectly AGAIN. smiley

GTA success is never ending, and ever-changing on the improvements. What I like is the models of the cars they have on the game.

I will surely love the new map of this GTA game.

Los Santos? That city will be my first exploring site. I like that game.

It became interesting like all the GTA games released these past few years.

What are the surprises of the new GTA? I think the modernity of its designs and the most detailed cars. What about the map?

I’m really a fan of this game. Since Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas, I was already playing this game.

What’s new to make my favorite GTA San Andreas toppled off my list?

Wow It’s good to hear something again from the GTA. The world’s most favorite racing and gang game.

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