GT5 Creator returns to racing in the Nissan GT500 "Stealth" GT-R

Fans of the Gran Turismo franchise are about to have one of their biggest dreams come true when the Nurburgring race finally gets underway. No longer will they have to watch the GT500 "Stealth" GT-R in its computer generated form because GT5 creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, will be driving the vehicle in the Nurburgring 24 Hours this weekend. We’re guessing hours of GT5 play time have finally gotten to the driver and he wants to return to racing to experience the true fire behind his creation.

Okay, so technically, the Nissan GT-R driven by Yamauchi won’t have all of the bells and whistles that the "Stealth" model in the game has, but what the crew has done is remodeled the exterior to match that of the popular GT5 sports car. Yamuachi is teamed up with Tobias and Michael Schulze of Autohaus Schulze and Yasuyoshi Yamamoto, founder of Japanese tuning shop Opera Performance.

We’re keeping an eye on car number #71 during the 24h race, as last year Yamauchi competed in several VLN races at the Nurburgring in a race-prepped Lexus IS-F, earning a class victory in the four-hour event and taking fourth-in-class at the 24-hour race.

Source: GT Planet


That is right, we can wait to see Yamauchi driving his own car. I think this is one of the great attraction to witness at the Nurburgring.

Well I have seen Yamauchi drive around in a couple of races before. I would say that he isn’t really that great a drive, but he really does know how to handle his way around the track.

Yeah, those guys would definitely be one of the major attraction for this year. Imagine that, all the big wigs will be there competing, a lot of fans would certainly be excited.

If Kazunori Yamauchi, the creator of GT5 will drive and handle its own creation, I bet that’s gonna be the most exciting part of the race.

Well, let’s just see how well he would be able to do in the actual race. Anyways, this year’s event would be rather interesting, since a lot of the bigwigs are personally heading to the track. Aside from Yamauchi, Ulrich Bez of Aston Martin would also be joining.

Yeah, I heard that he is actually pretty good when it comes to going down the tracks. They also said that it’s his familiarity with the tracks which really boosted the level of realism seen in the GT series.

Well, the good thing is that aside from the gorgeous look of this car it also have an impressive performance. As expected from the Nissan. I wonder what other modification can be done with this car?

For a racing car I think the GTR here look so aggressive and quite good. However, impressive look doesn’t mind in the race for the powerful output matters the most!

Wow, Yamauchi’s the one who’s gonna drive this thing? Well now, I would definitely want to watch him showcase his stuff on the tracks.

Wow, they’re actually fielding in the Stealth GT-R for real, that one would definitely make me want to what this one more. And I am really all fine with it even if it’s just the exterior looks.

Anyone know where I can watch this race?

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