GTA Concept - first Spanish supercar

GTA Motor, a Spanish auto manufacturer revealed this week in Valencia a super-sports car with a power of more than 700 hp and a price tag of around 600,000 euros.

GTA Concept - first Spanish supercar

The sportscar will be powered by a longitudinal mounted V10 engine combined with a six-speed sequential gear box. It can hit a top speed of more than 340 km/h.

The production will be limited to 99 units, and GTA already has received 8 orders. In August the company will start the first tests on the track of "Circuit Ricardo Tormo". Production version will follow shortly after.

Source: El Mundo


Tramontana is not for sale, ultimator! It’s a joke as a supercar!

GTA Concept is an authentic and luxury experience!!!

"GTA Concept - first Spanish supercar " What a hell? Tramontana is the first Spanish supercar if we’re talking about current supercars!

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