GTA Spano on the streets of Madrid

After being displayed at the Top Marques Monaco , theGTA Spano has been spotted cruising the streets of Madrid in all of its Spanish glory. Of course, this supercar wasn’t being driven by the owner (considering the GTA Spano won’t go on sale until the early summer), but the Director of GTA Motor, Dominic Ochoa taking the Spano for a little drive.

The GTA Spano, Spain’s first sports car, is powered by a mid-mounted V10 engine rated at 780 HP. It makes the 0 to 60 mph sprint in 3 seconds while top speed goes up to 217 mph. The supercar will feature a combination Kevlar, carbon fiber, and titanium chassis. It will also feature 380-mm-diameter carbon ceramic ventilated disc brake system and 6 piston calipers supplied by AP Racing. The GTA Spano will finish off with a cool, glass panoramic roof, front 19" wheels, and 20" rear wheels.

This supercar will be limited to only 99 units.


Oh yeah I think that was a Bimmer M3.

oh look a BMW is on the right side of the spano.

Modified Dodge Viper engine, complete with pushrods. Add this one to the growing list of OHV-engined hypercars, beginning with the Hennessey Venom GT and the Zenvo ST1.

So is the spano independent? Are these are engine authenticated by Spano or are they sharing the same engine woth other car like the Mclaren’s engine that is powered by MBW sports.

Why so few? If this is the case, I’d rather get myself a GT-R if ever I wasn’t able to get a reservation of this.

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