GTA Spano priced at $725,000

GTA Motors announced prices for their Spano supercar today and we have to admit it’s higher than we expected. The 99 units will each be priced at 600,000 euro, or $725,000 at the current rates.

The Spano is powered by a mid-mounted V10 engine rated at 780 HP. It makes the 0 to 60 mph sprint in 3 seconds while top speed goes up to 217 mph. The supercar will feature a combination Kevlar, carbon fiber, and titanium chassis. It will also feature 380-mm-diameter carbon ceramic ventilated disc brake system and 6 piston calipers supplied by AP Racing. The GTA Spano will finish off with a cool, glass panoramic roof, front 19" wheels, and 20" rear wheels.


Its close to $1000 per one horsepower...

hmm for sure fiesta will be a success, it is well suited for driving in US Urban roads.

Well, I think they have created a unique program that truly embodied the spirit of the Fiesta.

Wow, it has the same number of cylinders with R8, but i guess this is much more faster than the R8.

That seems like an awful lot of coin from a company with no pedigree and unknown reliability.

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