Gumball 3000 by Puma

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We have seen shoemakers come up with clever ways to link their brands and motor sport. But never has there been a shoe that celebrates the outlawed driving style of the Gumball 3000 road rally. This "unofficial" race gives members of the more money than brains club the opportunity to cross the U.S. at ridiculous speeds in expensive machines. In celebration of PUMA’s partnership with the outlaw rebels who run the Gumball Rally, participants can gain even further street cred by rocking a pair of these stylish black Gumball 3000 inspired kicks.


Cool Driving shoes by puma,, i really want to have a pair of one of those shoes. i wonder, does it come in a different color?

It’s one of the most common marketing strategy nowadays. That you don’t include the price anymore. In this way, you’ll draw everyone’s attention to see it in person. Then, that would be the time for them to decide.

Maybe it would cost one too much. if they place the price here, then it would spoil the curiosity of the market.

this post would be more helpful if the included the price and where it would be available.

How many hp will these beauties add to my car?

I wonder where I would use this? Might look good in my denim pants next to a monstrous racing car of course!

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