Gumball 3000 Cancelled

One day after the deadly accident on Macedonian roads, Gumball 3000 announced the cancellation of this years rally. After the fatal accident on Macedonian roads yesterday afternoon Gumball 3000 tried to keep it quiet as much as possible, they kept the families of Marga and Vladimir, locals, fans, drivers and sponsors completely in the dark, it took massive negative publicity in the worldwide media for them to realise the coverup failed and there was nothing else left then to cancel the rally.

This behavious caused a lot of disbelieve and anger among the same families, locals, fans, drivers and sponsors resulting in a big anti-Gumball campaign. Sponsors took their websites down and removed all affiliation with Gumball 3000.

Maximillion Cooper, the organiser of the rally said: "Following our earlier release reporting yesterday’s accident - As a sign of respect we have decided that this year’s Gumball 3000 Rally will not travel any further and will end in Bratislava this evening, May 3rd 2007. On behalf of Gumball 3000, we once again extend our deepest sympathies to his family and we are doing everything we can for them."

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