Gumpert's Future is Safe

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Gumpert Apollo Enraged

The maker of the Bugatti-killer is finally safe and secure, for now. This comes as good news for Gumpert fans who have been worried since August 2012 when the brand filed for insolvency. Over the past few weeks, several investors have been engaging in talks with the brand’s curator. The curator had many discussions with these parties offering a solution to the financial problems. They announced today that the outcome of the held discussions was to continue investing in the struggling sports car manufacturer, therefore keeping it’s future secured.

The final decision on the future ownership of the manufacturer will be made this week. This particular investor will decide its future, which will affect the brand Gumpert and the continuation of its Apollo model line up.

Though sources report that Gumpert has chosen the new, mysterious investor, they haven’t released any official statement about it yet. This suggests that Gumpert has only met with the investor, but has yet to sign any official documents.

We will keep a close eye on this deal in the meanwhile. Updates shall be posted once the official statement is made.


i love economic crisis! good things are cheap to buy for those who can afford them!

it is no surprise gumpert found an investor. this car is top notch, who would let that go to waste?

i hope you don’t mean legend as things that used to happen and were great!

define "future". let’s hope gumpert will become a legend, next to zonda and the others.

is it german engineering with italian accountant? couse if it is, boy that’s too bad for the mechanic part.

gumpert is german engineering. but who’s managing the financial part is not so great.

i may say it would have been sad to lose this car. i may not buy it soon, but still, as an engineering masterpiece this car is great!

though not cheap, this car offers quite a punch and is a good machine!

it would have been a shame to lose this bugatti killer. the 650 HP car is awesome!

it is good when people save authomobilistic great names!

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