Hamilton crashes a Carrera GT

No, not Lewis Hamilton! His dad, Anthony Hamilton!

Anthony Hamilton left home yesterday with his wife in this superb Carrera GT (at least it was before the crash!) and lost control of the 205mph supercar. It spun through 180 degrees and hutled backwards through a wooden fence and a thick hawthorn hedge before coming to rest in a children’s playground.

No one was hurt in the accident, neither Anthony nor Linda, and no kids were in the playground.

After the accident Anthony Hamilton said: This is my first crash in almost 30 years and it had to happen in someone else’s car. Thankfully the only thing hurt was the car and a bush fence, for which I am extremely sorry.

The Porsche’s bodywork and undercarriage were badly damaged and it will cost thousands to repair.

For sure Lewis didn’t took his Formula 1 genes from his dad!

Source: The Sun


if let boy witch is in the age of 6 he will never crash like this

What an idiot. How could he do such a thing to a $500,000 car. He is sooo stoopid

For sure Lewis didn’t took his Formula 1 genes from his dad!

What a command of the English vernacular..... (sic)

to bad about the Carrera GTsmiley

what a shame...

Hé hé! Le talent saute d’une génération!

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