Has the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe been revealed?

Last year, at the Beijing Auto Show, BMW unveiled the Gran Coupe concept , an elegant 4-door vehicle that previewed the company‚Äôs future Mercedes-Benz CLS competitor. Shortly after, the company announced it would be followed by a production version sometime in the first quarter of 2012. Now, a series of patent images have been revealed that illustrate what the production version may look like. Yes, you guessed it, it’s actually very similar to the concept.

The new BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe will be placed between the current 5 and 7-Series and will keep some of the features that made the concept so attractive at the Beijing Auto Show earlier this year, including the frameless windows and B-pillar. We expect to see the same range of turbocharged six- and eight-cylinder engines, but an ActiveHybrid is also in the works.

If these rumors are correct, we should expect a production version at the beginning of 2012, most likely at the Geneva Motor Show.

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Most of the car offer in the Chinese market is sedan or coupe.. It seems that they don’t want a SUV version..I bet they have a lot of moolah to pay for the gas!

I thought they are going to built a longer base vehicle for the Chinese market? And I wonder if they will use the engine of their previous model for this version?

The four car that will be attending the Frankfurt are not all production car. Well, this car is quite an impressive concept.

Oh! Does it mean that BMW has a new model line up for production? If I could recall, they haven’t announced this car to be join the Frankfurt.

Well, probably they would. Or it is also likely hat they will push through with the development of the 6-Series. Either way, they will have a great car for us.

It a grand BMW car for all. If they plan to make a production version of the Mercedes-Benz CLS, I think they just upgrade the CLS.

Well, it’s too early to tell if this one would be the final look of the 6-Series. After all, these are just patent images, and they will probably still change during the design phase.

Hmm, I actually liked the concept car that they have shown in Beijing last year. But I am still a bit not sure about this production version, maybe if they can add a bit more on the details.

Well at least BMW have announced their target power performance for this car or
they will be making it similar to the Mercedes production?

Does this concept will make a debut in the Frankfurt Motor Show? I heard that I have heard that BMW has a four entry here. Heck! I just hope that this production version would be better than the Mercedes CLS.

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