Hello Kitty motor oil is a legitimately real (and oddly confusing) product

In the name of brand cross promotion, we’ve seen some pretty weird tie-ups over the years, but none of those can ever prepare us from what we discovered a few days ago. In a collaboration that you couldn’t have even dreamt of even if you had the imagination of a five-year old, AGIP, a subsidiary of Italian oil company ENI SpA, recently partnered with the company that owns the rights to the Hello Kitty name to produce the Hello Kitty motor oil. Really, we’re not making this whole thing up.

The motor oil will be distributed exclusively in Japan by Showa Boeki, which will bear the image of the iconic bobtail cat with the red bow on her left ear all over the canister. We’re not quite sure who came up with the idea of pairing a cute little kitty with something as ’dirty’ as motor oil, but whoever that dude is, he seriously got his pop culture references all mixed up.

Source: New Launches


what are you talking about? Hello kitty is around 30 plus years now. Maybe putting the face of Hello Kitty in the motor oil is sort of marketing strategy.

or maybe Hello Kitty is changing career...she’s getting mature role now..hahaha

Hello Kitty is so cute to be put in the "dirty" motor oil. If that so, then Hello Kitty is getting "dirty"smiley

Andress, I don’t think so, it’s just a brand name not really for a particular gender.

I am thinking of how am I going to keep that motor oil as a collectible item?

Hahaha, I didn’t know something this terrible was happening.

Well, I could say that its a great advantage.

I wonder how they will market in Japan knowing Sanrio originated in there.

Why not get your own parking lot and park whichever way you want?!

You may laugh, but it is API SM and GF-4 certified, which means it is good to go for most of your passenger vehicles. And Agip is pretty popular elsewhere in the world too.

It seems Hello Kitty doesn’t have anymore dolls and toys to produce. Well, I guess air pollution could be this adorable.

We have a photo of my dear and beloved Thai wife from back when we met in 1988 in Bangkok in which she is wearing a counterfeit Hello Kitty skirt. It has a picture of the kitty being rained on and instead of "Hello Kitty," it simply says "Hell."

Perhaps no real man won’t ever dare have anything feminine in his car. But then again, it is also said that if one is confident about his masculinity, he wouldn’t mind being around cute stuff.

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