HMR Magazine tests the Hummer H3T

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The Hummer H3T is scheduled to be unveiled in the Chicago Auto Show next week. To stir it up a little before the official reveal, GM gave the test mules to HMR Magazine. The testers put the H3T through its paces and were pleased with the truck’s overall performance. This is what one of the excited testers had to say.

"Priced in the high thirties, I think the H3T will not only be a hit with recreational consumers, but everyone from Contractors to Search and Rescue crews will fall in love with this truck. I know HUMMER sees their main competition for the H3T being smaller pickups like the Tacoma or the Dakota. But anyone who’s seen the H3T will tell you that it’s "Like nothing else" and anyone who’s driven the H3T will tell you…there is no competition."



It is way too famine looking. Looks like a jetta pick up.

I saw this one tested as a Storm chaser.

This model is 300 horsepower, 5.3-liter V-8 delivered propulsion with 320 pounds feet of torque. What’s more interesting about the H3t is that it has a longer wheelbase than the H3, offering a more usable bed .

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