Hofele-Design Golf V GTI revealed

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Hofele, the innovative company in the product-range of car-accessories especially for German manufacturers like Audi and VW, recently unveiled the Hofele-Design-Edition kit for the Golf GTI .

Hofele-Design Golf V GTI revealed

Using only high-tech accessories and super light materials developed in order to define the elegance of the Hofele Brand the Golf GTI kit features a front bumper with 2 big air intakes, sideskirts fitted as well with two air intakes, but also a rear apron to use with sports muffler.

To increase the power of the vehicle Hofele also used 4 tube sports muffler. Featuring four oval tail pipes the exhaust system is suitable for the well-known 2.0 FSI Turbo engine but, according to the manufacture, this is possible only mounted in combination with the rear apron.

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