Hofele-Design Mythos Royal

Lets face it: the Volkswagen Phaeton was never a very successful model. But Hofele-Design has found a solution to make it look better than ever. Their tuning program is called Mythos Royal and includes both cosmetic and performance modifications.

Hofele-Design Mythos Royal

Hofele-Design has started with a new fascia with a redesigned front bumper and reshaped bonnet that houses a different grille. At the rear they added a discreet boot lid spoiler and a new apron with integrated trapezoidal tailpipes. The exterior package is finished with 20" alloy wheels.

For the interior Hofele added a two-tone color scheme inspired by the Bentley models.


What an absolute abortion. The tacky plastic "wood" surrounding the dash clocks sums this thing up.

Thanks to Hofele-Design, at least Volkswagen Phaeton will be able to bounce back. Although there is no significant changes on the exterior design, the interior has somehow improved. But still, there are a lot of work to do.

For those that want more power, Hofele-Design says it can tweak all engine variants. For example, with the firm’s power kit, the 3.0-liter V6 TDI delivers an output of 275HP and 560Nm or 413 lb-ft of peak torque.

I hope you consider to include the performance stats of this one just to be reasonable for the readers here. Anyways I find it a classic car(the interior design of this Volkswagen car is like on 70s design) and I will give this car my props coz’ it has a lot of changes. Congratulations to Hofele-Design.

Some say that the reason why the Volkswagen Phaeton -one of the most underrated vehicles of our time- has by all accounts been a sales flop, is because of its nondescript styling and the non-premium badge.

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