Holden builds seven millionth car

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Looks like things aren’t tough everywhere for General Motors. GM’s Australian unit Holden has rolled its seven millionth car off the production line. The red Commodore sedan (cousin to the Pontiac Pontiac G8) was revealed with a focus on green energy solutions and fuel efficiency, being fitted for dual fuel LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas — a sorta mixture of propane and butane.) It was rolled out amid a crowd of workers, executives and government officials.

Holden built Australia’s first mass produced car, the 48-215, in November 1948 at Fishermans Bend in Port Melbourne, Victoria. Its one millionth car rolled off the production line almost 14 years later in October 1962. The Commodore was launched in 1978 and has been Australia’s best selling car for the past 12 years.

Source: CarScoop

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