Holy Cha-Ching, Batman! Original 1966 Batmobile Sells for $2 Million at Barrett-Jackson


Car collector Rick Champagne has every right pop open a bottle of his last name after becoming only the second owner of one of Hollywood’s most iconic cars. He had to sweat out a feverish bidding war for the George Barris’ original 1966 Batmobile , the same one used in the Adam West Batman TV series. In the end, however, his checkbook did all the talking to the tune of $4.2 million at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The winning bid price might seem steep, but given the kind of car the ’66 Batmobile is, we presume that it was worth every last penny from Champagne’s bank account.

With the classic movie car now belonging to him, Champagne only becomes the second owner of the Batmobile after Barris, the same man who famously built the Batmobile in only 15 days in time for it to be used in the Batman TV series. On top of the car itself, Champagne also went home with number of memorabilia and documentation from Barris’ own personal collection.

Not a bad haul for Mr. Champagne!


Seriously?His name is Champagne?Or is it just a nickname, ha haah!

Congratulations, mister!Your nephews must be really proud of you, and happy, to test this jewel!

Woah, I never thought someone could ever afford this beauty.I’ve seen it in the movie, but having a real owner, never imagined!

I love the spoilers and those wheels!This is such a futuristic design!

Jesus Christ!Did this old man gave that enormous sum for this car?What is he going to do with it?

So, from now on, this old guy should be considered the real Batman?smiley)

Does anybody know, the components of this car from what materials are made?And how powerful is its engine?

I couldn’t say that in Arizona they would sell such a marvelous piece.It’s great for it’s story, and not for the car itself..

I would like to see some more pictures of it!

Is this car like...drivable?
As far as I can see, its quite aerodynamic, but something tells me is too little functional..

Lucky man, to have this car!But I cannot stop wondering what is he going to do with it..

This is clearly a piece of a car that must be stored in a special, own garage.Nobody should touch it!!

Mr Champagne can go now and take some acting lessons, and re-make the ’66 s best movie smiley

Woow, that’s a high price for an old car.Although it looks magnificent, considering it’s history and the years behind it, 4.2 mil. is a hell of a price..

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