Honda Accord hybrid not to be produced

Source: 4wheelsblog

Honda has announced that they will not launch a hybrid version of the new generation of Accord sedan when it will go on sale in the second half of the year. Insteed, the company will promote a new range of petrol-electric hybrid versions of the new Civic and another subcompact model wich currently is in development.

The Accord will feature a new clean-diesel powertrain that’s scheduled for introduction by 2009.

Honda also reported that they are working on an affordable, high-volume model that would be hybrid only that will be launched in 2009 at a price around $25.000.


It’s about time! I believe that hybrids are a cheap stop-gap method at improving fuel economy. Everybody is milking this technology dry right now, but let’s wait until those expensive batteries need replacing and the second or third owners get stuck with the bill. That’s going to drive down resale values as owners try to sell their unwanted used hybrids. I’m not a Honda fan but if they put this out there I will be somewhere near the front of the line to get one.

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