Honda Accord Tourer set to become new taxis in Germany

One of the really cool things about being in Germany is that when you hail a cab, you’re flagging down something that’s more than a taxi; more often than not, what you’re getting is a Mercedes.

Honda Accord Tourer set to become new taxis in Germany

But now, there’s a new car that’s going to start making rounds in the land of the autobahn and while it’s not as luxurious as a Merc, it sure has something that Mercedes can’t boast of: it’s completely brand-new.

We’re talking the all-new European Honda Accord Tourer , which will be making its debut in Germany as a taxi. Powered by a a 2.2-liter i-DTEC four-cylinder diesel that churns out an output of 150 horsepower and 350Nm of peak torque, the new Accord Tourer – or Accord Tourer Elegance, as it will come to be known – will be making the rounds along the streets of Germany with an unmistakable taxi roof sign attached to it.

Honda Accord Tourer set to become new taxis in Germany

While the car is scheduled to have all the features of a standard Accord Tourer – electric tailgate, cruise control, leather steering wheel, heated front seats, MP3-capable CD player, dual-zone automatic climate control and 16-inch alloy wheels, to name a lot - it does have some functions that are unique to its kind. Among them include a taximeter case, wireless telephones and special brackets for the taxi sign.

So when you happen to find yourself in Germany anytime soon and you flag down a taxi that has a Honda logo emblazoned on the front, count your blessings. That ride is as new as it can get.

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Car manufacturing countries use luxury cars as taxis. Germans use MB taxis, French Peugot and Citroen taxis, Japanese use MB, Toyota Crown and Nissan Cedric (the Japanese themselves don’t consider Honda as luxury and durability in one). Some European countries have used CR-V as a taxi. The use of Honda as public vehicles in the Philippines is not permitted as the local elites asked for this restriction, because they are more concerned with "status quo" and "exclusivity". Puro porma kasi tayong mga Pinoy. (Nakakita ka na ba ng American teenagers and professionals sa movies na laging may bitbit na celfone?) Tayo lang ang mahilig mag-display in public ng ganyan....

How much would it take to ride on that cab ?I say a lot of money is needed for the most fabulous cab.

to bad for honda accord, they mess up with it’s reputation. accord is one of the luxurious and affordable car in the market today, and it’s competing with toyota camry, galant and sonata.

What is really sad is that something like this will never be available to the USA market!

Wow. A car that is popular in Asia as somewhat a luxury sedan only gets to be a taxi in Germany. Well, that sounds a little off. Why don’t they just use a hybrid prius instead? It can save them more money for fuel and it can get your nmo

will the honda motors allow it? this is a big shame to the accord because accord is one of the luxurious car available in the market. so why make it a Public car?

well in some other countries like Singapore MB s Class is just a taxi cab to them, but why are they making this as a public car? tourer is featured on 5th gear and i can say this car is good any luxurious to be a taxi cab.

I’m shocked on this article coz’ all I know about Honda is they’ve never permitted their cars to be a public utility vehicle and now a Honda Accord as a taxi in Germany, didn’t expect to happen and that’s somewhat BS as for me to say. Anyways the reputation of cars in Germany was that high and even Honda will salute them but still shocking revelation for me.

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