Honda Civic by INGS

INGS, a Japanese tuner, unveiled the FD2 Honda Civic, a 220 hp, racing-inspired version of the Civic. The FD2 gets extra power, less weigt, an improved aerodynamics and chassis parts.

Source: Nihon Car

This demo car has been fitted with INGS Sports TS06 rims (18 inches) and Bridgestone POTENZA RE-01R tyres (255/35/18 F - 225/40/18 R), bigger at the front to maximise the grip of this FWD car. Suspensions are Endless ZEAL Function X, the brakes also come from the Endless catalog while the exhaust is a 5ZIGEN Miracle Fireball and the seats are Bride ZETA 3, the belts come from specialist TAKATA with some MPH-340R.

Honda Civic by INGS
Honda Civic by INGS


this car looks sooo damn good ! i wonder whats the costprice of this all ? smiley

I don’t know if the chassis permits this, but if possible I think that Honda should make these more powerful versions of the civic RWD. I mean, all these race-ready upgrades are practically rendered useless when installed on a front-drive car.

Impressive custom body kits.... it’s stance are very bold and muscular street race car... I’d rather pick the Civic than the Speed3.

well we can’t compare EVO and Civic because they are both in different Category, and their performance are way to far from each other. IMO it captivates my imagination and it motivates me to work hard to have my own Civic sooner. i really love the side skirts and front lip of it, but it would be better if they make it a carbon lip.

Sherlock, I couldn’t care less about the Civic. I never even driven one but when you go from page to page and see badest insulting them you do tend to get tired. But you did just display your own knowledge by wondering why people like EVOs.

from the way u jumped on badest i deduce u are a fan of the civic or the evo. although i dont know why.

Nice of you to notice badest. Was it the H sign that tipped you off? It seems your sole purpose is to insult Civics and EVOs.

sweet, forts with my having knew playing friends I don’t know I still scissors it’s name

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