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HKS is a tuner well known for its package for Hyundai Genesis Coupe or Nissan GT-R. But on their latest work they turned the attention to a hybrid model, the Honda CR-Z to be more precisely.

For the CR-Z, the tuner is offering modifications for the exhaust system and the suspension as well as styling upgrades. The Hypermax III coilovers are usually used on high-performance racing machines, but in combination with Advan Racing forged wheels they make from the CR-Z a car suited for any driving situation.

We do not known if they will also offer engine upgrades, but we can hope, no?



Then come the creation and installation of prototype Hypermax III coil overs. If you’re unfamiliar with Hypermax, it’s the brand’s top-tier coilover setup used on its high-performance racing machines and customer cars.

Posted on 03.29.2010

The black and white combination make this car looks good but this car looks like a black version of mazda3.

Posted on 03.29.2010

I think the car look’s great. Though the pattern follows the one I hated, copying the idea from another.

Posted on 03.25.2010

Well, I actually haven’t heard of any hybrid car with an engine upgrade for it so I guess they don’t have one. Anyways, its great to know that there are tuner upgrades and kits for the hybrid cars, even though they may not be as powerful as a regular engine when tuned, the looks can still make it as hot.

Posted on 03.24.2010

I like the decals and the glossy paint they did on the CR-Z. It looks more aggressive compared to the standard version of the CR-Z.

Posted on 03.23.2010

Uncia (869)

Oh, give me a break.

Posted on 03.23.2010

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