Honda Freed by Mugen

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Although the Honda Freed has been recently launched this didn’t stop the Japanese tuning company Mugen to add their customization programme to the new vehicle.

Honda Freed by Mugen

The new Mugen body kit consists in a new front sports grille, new front spoiler, side skirts, rear roof spoiler and rear under spoiler. The vehicle received a high-performance air filter and new sports silencer, but also new sports suspension kit, new brake rotor and 16” alloy wheels. No words about the price yet!


I have already seen this one on the road, and I must say that it didn’t really look at a mini van because it is not really mini, but I still love the features of what they so called "mini van".

It is not a mini van, it’s a mini bus I can bring along my whole friends here. Compared to Toyota Sienna, Toyota is I think for a family get together and relaxation only and it can accommodate few people but with Honda freed well I can say It is quite impressive to know that it can accommodate 5 to 8 passengers.

Typical Mugen. Change a few unimportant parts that don’t affect performance, a few others that have little effect, then charge a bunch more for the vehicle.

Oh great, another dumb idea. No matter how much you modify a people carrier, it’ll never be cool. it’ll just be a 8 seat ricer, like this one.

I heard that the Honda Freed is produced by the Japanese automaker Honda since the year 2008.

One of the coolest Jazz I’ve seen, Mugen just did another great job in customizing this Jazz.

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