Honda HSV-010 GT Racer - road version rendering

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We are all excited with the Honda HSV-010 GT racer , and more than that, curious about a street version of the car. Due to the harsh financial situation, Honda does not plan to produce such a car in 2010, but we can hope for one later on, as the HSV was intended from the beginning as a street-racing duo and is a suitable concept for production. We can imagine an eventual street version as being of course less wide, with minimum ground clearance, more discrete spoilers and smooth flowing lines. The street-version engine could be based on the racing V8, but with a slight displacement increment (from 3.4 to 5 litres) and a little revved down.

one more shot:

Honda HSV-010 GT Racer - road version rendering


yeah, i agree they should made a press release for this one. such a lovely car

Lovely honda, but still i wont settle the Nissan GT-R to this.

Got to see this one to hit the road. We are being frustrated about the outcome of the machine. Very much eager to see more info.

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