Honda looking at releasing drop-top CR-Z

Car magazine Road & Track has unearthed a rumor involving Honda and a possible convertible sports car in the company’s future. Before you go shrieking and jumping up and down about a possible return of the S2000 , you need to know that it won’t be happening. Instead, Honda is looking at making a droptop version of the CR-Z . Weird as that may sound considering the CR-Z is a hybrid, but Honda may be in the process of giving the car a major upgrade in the engine department with a more powerful powertrain that could qualify it as a sports car.

We don’t know whether there’s any validity to this rumor, but we are curious to see how Honda plans on turning the CR-Z into a sports car. We’re not doubting them in the least bit, but at this point, we have more questions than answers on whether Honda can successfully transform the CR-Z into a sports car that can give a car like the Mazda MX-5 Miata a run for its money.

Source: Road & Track


Yeah, I think this would be the successful hybrid version of Honda. And I think with the impressive performance of this car a lot of aftermarket company wants to modify this car.

Well, I guess they have changed their mind for there’s the hybrid and electric version of this model!And the best part is although its a hybrid the engine performance was great!

And whatever happened to those ’Advanced VTEC’ motors that were supposed to come out in ’09.. ya know.. the ones that are up to par with every other manufacturer’s engines.

haha. drop-top it looks funny. lol

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