Horacio Pagani sets release of Huayra Roadster by 2014

When the Pagani Huayra first took our breath away at the Geneva Motor Show, our first thoughts were about what we’d have to do to make enough money to buy this Italian hyperbeast. When we realized that we’d probably have to hit the lottery to be able to afford the Huayra, we immediately shifted our focus from starstruck fan to professional journalist and began to wonder if a roadster version of the Huayra will be released in the future.

Turns out, according to Horacio Pagani himself, it’s not a question of ’if’ as it is a question of ’when’.

In an interview with Autoblog Argentina, the man behind Pagani Automobili bared the company’s plans of building a drop-top Huayra. When asked if there was going to be a future Huayra roadster, Pagani answered in so simple terms: "Yes, surely there will be a model Huayra Roadster in approximately three years."

So there you have it, folks. While we’re not all that surprised to find out that a Huayra roadster is going to be in the production block soon, it still helps to get confirmation straight from the horse’s mouth.


Well, I don’t think that Huayra will look the same if the gullwing will be removed!
And I think everyone will agree! BTW, it perform very well but I don’t think that its enough.

Yeah,you are right. it really takes my breath away. Even if everyone has said that Huayra is still a newbie in the sports car world, well, better look at the performance of this car and be ready to dropped your jaw!

Simply awesome! What I like about this car is that it doesn’t need a beautiful introduction just to make it sound so good!

Since the release of Pagani Zonda, the never fail to impress me. This Huayra looks devilish like the Zonda, only, it have a winged doors and much curvy type of body.

I agree with you. The features are extremely awesome! But i don’t think that its body is odd. For me,the well crafted rear skirt add to the sexiness of this car. And those gullwing look so fantastic on the Pagani. I thought that Mercedes AMG is the only one who could make that wing better on their car.

So they will be releasing this one in 2014. hmm, that’s two years from now, they have a lot of time to work on making the roadster an even better version.

Although the features look good, the design of the body is little odd. I didn’t like the shape however the wings and the specs are quiet interesting.

OK, the Huayra is a great looking car, but I don’t think I will be liking the roadster version. I am afraid that some of the unique aspects of the car will be lost on this one.

Well, one thing that would probably be missing from the roadster Huayra are those great gullwing doors. No need to worry though, since the guys at Pagani will still make the car look good.

Finally the eagle lands on the road. Can’t wait to see this majestic vehicle vrooms the roads and opens its wings. Quiet a shot. Be sure not to miss the launch.

Wow! Those gullwings are extremely gorgeous! But Im just afraid that this car is heavy because of those wings. But i have good feeling that this will sell like a hotcakes in the market!

One thing we are sure of is that those gullwing doors are certainly going off the roadster. I am really looking forward to see how they will do that one.

They probably have that one already lined up from the start. They were just testing how the standard Huayra would be received. And since it did well, they have decided to go for it.

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