Horrific Russian crash splits Ferrari 612 Scaglietti in two

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Exotic car crashes are all too common, and Ferrari’s often seem to be the most crash-prone supercars on the market. This latest incident reaffirms that statement.

Taking place in Russia just over one week ago, the incident resulted from the driver of the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti losing control of the high-powered performance car before slamming into a metal pole bordering the road side.

Despite the severity of the crash, which ultimately split the supercar in two, the driver managed to walk away with only minor injuries. The 612, however, wasn’t so lucky. Due to the unfortunate angle at which the Ferrari hit the pole, the car split in two with the engine and the right front wheel being smashed off from the rest of the car. They actually became lodged against the offending pole, while the rest of the car continued down the road.

Even though the rear leg-room in the 612 Scaglietti is limited to say the least, three passengers were in the car alongside the driver, but they too managed to escape the crash without injury.

It’s currently unclear what caused the crash, but an egotistical owner trying to impress the passengers by showing the true performance capabilities of the car is a likely reason behind the incident.

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