Horrifying Crash in Saudi Arabia Gives Us Chills

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Unfortunately, in our line of work, we see a ton of crash videos that leave us shaking our heads in despair and hoping that the driver and passengers of the vehicle are okay. The latest video to come across our inbox is probably the most disturbing video we have seen.

If the thought of a horrible crash has already begun to sicken you, then you may want to stop reading right here. This video is the outcome of a rollover crash that shows two of the passengers getting ejected out of the car in a cloud of dust and smoke. It’s disturbing, sick, and not the only one we have.

After the jump, you’ll find another video that seems to be a harmless crash, until the camera pans back to catch a driver as he arcs through the sky and lands on the pavement.

The only video of a crash that we recommend for viewers with a weak stomach is the third video which shows what happens when a Toyota Hilux wants to imitate being on a pogo stick. As far as we know, no one was hurt in the making of that video.

WARNING: These videos contain NSFW footage. In fact, it’s not suitable for anyone that does not have a thick skin (Children, please do NOT watch this).

Hit the jump for videos 2 and 3.

Second NSFW Video

Toyota Hilux Imitates being on a Pogo Stick

All videos were filmed in Saudi Arabia.


O_O is that a leg or an arm???? (at the end). In my opinion the guilty criminals are the audience, those "drifters" do what they do because of encouragement of those stupid f#$%^&* people. I pray and hope for a solution to end this misery (AMEN)

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