How about a Giugiaro Quaranta taxi?

It happened in Rome...

Remember the Giugiaro Quaranta concept unveiled at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show? When concepts come out we don’t really get too excited because chances are real low that we will ever get to see it in real traffic. This time, however, the guys over at Giugiaro have decided to take this particular concept and throw it into production. The result? A Giugiaro Quaranta taxi!

This poor concept never really stood a chance. The sheer ridiculousness of this supercar is just astounding, but no supercar deserves this type of fate. A burial by taxi is no way to go, but the Quaranta did, in fact, do a stint as a taxi for a couple of days in Rome, Italy. The Quaranta is powered by the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive with the help of solar panels. It can produce 268 hp and make the sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds, so unfortunately it can take its passenger to their destination before they even realize what car they’re riding in. Fortunately, they might not notice how ugly it is either.

Source: Repubblica


I guess the taxi operators are willing to replace it with this model. The only question is, are they willing to spend their money? I don’t know. We’ll know soon.

Looks like they chopped the LF-A’s rear end and paired it with the RX 8’s Front end. I hope all of the taxi today will be like this.

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