How many mini-skirt models can you fit in a classic Mini?

Britain has two great mini icons for the 60s: the skirt and the car. So now that the original BMC Mini is celebrating 50 years, the organizers of the Goodwood Festival of Speed decided it would be a good idea to promote the event by bringing the two icons back together. We couldn’t agree more.


I wonder if how many girls fit in that MINI. BTW, in one of the promotional video of MINI, Kobe Bryant himself is driving this small car! And I bet this is how awesome is this car.

@rogermanalac, I agree with you but too bad you don’t got a chance to own this car. I was wondering to host my own eventsmiley

Classic Mini’s are still good for ladies even now. Just like this video, if this is in true life,
I’d be the most lucky driver ever.

I wonder if there are hot mini skirt girls plus the driver i wonder what happen next when that happens.... smiley

I’d like to take them home instead, and have a party all night.

Well, even if in real life, an old school mini like this can only get a few ladies, that video can surely show how a small car can handle a lot of ladies in skirt. Wish I was there to see it.

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