How many times does a Murcielago go into a Santa Fe?

Ever think Lamborghini drivers have their heads up their rears? Well this Murcielago driver was kind enough to go up someone else’s. This accident happened in Seattle on Monday morning. No one was hurt, so it’s ok to laugh.

The only way this could have possibly been funnier is if the Lambo belonged to a proctologist.

Source: Carscoop


poor murcielago, good thing no one is hurt, how about the title? how many time did the murcielago get under the hyundai?

The lambo has 4 exhaust tips never seen that before

Sound like the late tags for this one means they really have to keep the drivers identity. Nonetheless, this funny pic really steals everything.

If the Lambo owner is a proctologist he will sure be more concerned of his back. With what happened there, again if the Lambo owner is a proctologist he will surely give the Sta. Fe a colorectal surgery. Sounds messy.

Reports confirm the Santa Fe stopped and the Lambo didn’t... there are tags, they are just whited out to hide the driver’s identities.

what if the Hyundai backed up over the lambo?

no tags on the lambo, so maybe not even on the a public road.

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