Huatai's R35 SUV is yet another example of Chinese originality - or lack thereof

There’s no end in sight to China’s auto-cloning ways, is there?

Chinese automaker Huatai is on its way to debuting yet another piece of work: the B35 SUV, or as we’d like to refer to it as the part-Porsche Cayenne , part-Bentley SUV.

Seriously, we can’t, for the life of us, figure out why China auto brands can’t seem to develop styling elements of their own and rely mostly on combining elements between two pre-existing cars to make it look like they came up with something so grandiously unique. This B35 is no exception to that. If the similarities to the Porsche Cayenne isn’t enough, they had to make it look a wee-bit more updated by installing a large chrome grille that, we’re quite certain, came straight out of a Bentley.

In any case, there’s pretty much nothing we can do about it and we’ll just have to wait for the Beijing Auto Show to see how the car-loving public reacts to these China-made vehicles, though as far as we’re concerned, we kind of hope that they’d stop with all the rip-offs and copycats and make their own designs.

Source: The Tyco


do those carmakers actually employ designers?...if so, what a shame, you guys. Maybe you can have some inspirations, but "copy&paste" different car parts? I see it more like a mock..

Hmmm honestly, cloning is not what I admired the most. I still prefer unique designs and creations.

just another chinese copycats.

It looks awful! I can’t imagine they allowed chinese to replicate the super cars like the Bentley and porsche.

that was an insulting to the bentley and porsche, well i hope it’s engine can perform well as the cayenne’s engine performance.

Good thing that Porsche and Bentley haven’t file a case against them but I agree with it looks like a Cayenne with Bentley on Front.

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