Hublot Ferrari 250 GTO Classic Fusion Watch

The 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO is, without question, the rarest and most sough-after Ferrari ever built. Hardly surprising, too, considering that only 36 models were ever built and it carried an iconic design and ahead-of-its-time mechanics.

This year, the 250 GTO is celebrating its 50th anniversary and Ferrari is preparing for a grand celebration that the car so fittingly deserves. One of the Ferrari’s partners, Hublot is lending its support with the production of the Ferrari 250 GTO Classic Fusion Watch, a time piece that pays homage to the iconic Ferrari.

Unveiled last week in an event at the home of Dom PĂ©rignon Champagne at Abbaye de Hautvillers in France, the special edition timepiece is truly a watch for the books. In celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 250 GTO, Hublot designed the Ferrari 250 GTO Classic Fusion Watch with the finest of details, highlighted by a 45mm encasement machined out of titanium and fitted with a skeletonized Tourbillion movement. The Swiss watchmaker also added GTO references on the watch, including the customized chassis numbers from the cars and the use of barenia calfskin on the watch’s strap. Finally, a unique barrel drum was also designed in the watch, which you can see at the 12 o’clock position. This is as unique and as intricate a detail as you can expect from a timepiece brand like Hublot.

Unfortunately for timepiece enthusiasts, getting your hands on one of these watches is next to impossible...unless of course you happen to own one of the remaining 250 GTOs still in existence today.


I think they should launch this globally. After all, it has been missed by the crowd since their last timepiece.

I like the design on this watch because of a unique barrel drum was also designed in the watch.

A unique barrel drum was also designed in this watch.

It’s better to have it partnered with the Ferrari model launched in India.

I like this watch. I love seeing its mechanism on how it works.

This Hublot Ferrari Watch is so cool. I like the idea of it being skeletal. Its machine is like the engine of a car.

Hublot made it perfectly for Ferrari. Its skeletal movement and body make it more adorable to look at.

It’s not stated if it has the same offer of steel strap.

Do they have the steel strap, just like Ferrari GranTurismo Automatic Watch?

Why not consider applying the rubberized straps for more sport purposes?

I think this is already sold-out. Ferrari GranTurismo Automatic watch has better styles and features that will surely eat your heart out.

They always made their masterpieces on their work. Hublot watch is significant on their innovative designs and concepts.

Wow! This watch is a metallic watch am I right? And I think this watch is too expensive.

Its skinny and skeleton movement makes it unique and luxurious. I wonder what could be its price tag?

I’m sure that when it was unveiled in France, high-profiled person made their reservation on this magnificent watch.

I like it being bold and transparent. It looks good and terribly tempting.

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