Hummer-Bentley SUV

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Sometimes, having too much money can harm people’s mind and desires, what can be a total kitsch for us can be a luxury for them. It is the case of an arabian from Dubai who recently got rich and and decided that if Bentley wouldn’t make a SUV line than he can invent one just for himself.

Hummer-Bentley SUV

He could have chosen for a Range Rover, a Q7 or a VW Touareg V10 TDI but he wanted to invent his own SUV and so he embodied a Bentley in a Hummer . It looks really bad and hurts the eyes when looking at it, it is of totally bad taste but this is the result of too much money and no sense for beautiful.



It really looks like Bentley and I’m glad they came up on this project. I just want to know who’s idea is this?

It’s luxurious, but the thing that bother me is the Bentley look that swelled on this Hummer.

Haha. What’s this thing? The only thing that I like on this SUV is its wheels.

That SUV has an unusual shape and the color is really terrible. They should do something good next time.

It’s really funny to think that they have come up with that idea. It looks really great. What’s the next one fella?!

hsal8 is absolutly right, this car is from saudi arabia and to be more precise , in Jeddah. There someone owns it. And it would be highly advisable to avoid writing articles this accurate, you may not worry about your image but Topspeed’s gottta a name for it self. please avoid bismirthing it

the colour could’ve been better though (maybe tht sky blue...)

that car has an unusual and strange shape, but the color is really terrible

u always thnk of looking gud but u didnt know how does the owner feel looking unique on road....... anyways it was his car and he did his best and my point of view it’s Awesome....

Despite the fact that I admire your website, I get nervous when you get all sort of information mixed up!

This car is "Saudi" and belongs to a young Saudi prince that I personally know!

Regardless of money, it’s not a matter of taste; it’s a matter of being "UNIQUE"! Then believe it or not, it might seem ugly on photos for you, but in reality it looks exotic and it catches all attention!

So, please stop accusing Arabs of having no taste for having the blessing of lots of money!

This car is not from Dubai (note the saudi plate number)... arabs like their hummers (and bentleys too) this seems to be an ugly love-child of the two...

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