Hummer going green?

As you already know Hummer has a big fuel economy problem and with the new average fuel economy law coming, its problem becomes even bigger.

So the company needs to do something to improve this image. But they have to do it without ruining brand’s two bedrock attributes, in-your-face styling and off-road performance.

Hummer going green?

The first step will be a series of new engine that run on diesel fuel or ethanol blends. Next there will be a smaller and more fuel-efficient model dubbed H4.

"Those are bumps along the road but they are not unsurpassable," says Hummer General Manager Martin Walsh. "Hummer is what it is. It has an iconic design that stands out from anything else. That design attracts attention because it is easy to recognize by those who love it and those who don’t."


My friend told me that the H2 uses the top of the line 6.2 gasser. It will also depend on how much expensive it would be?

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