Hummer H3 monster commercial

Jennifer Monster it’s an actress living in LA. The last few months have been amazing!!! She met her husband Robot, on the set of a HUMMER commercial. They fell in love and after a whirlwind romance, she discovered she was expecting a child!!! A couple weeks ago she gave birth to a beautiful baby H3. She held him in her arms, looked at him and thought that it was everything she ever hoped and prayed for. Her life is so full of joy right now.

General Motors released the Hummer H3 SUV in November 2005 with a television commercial featuring Jennifer the Monster, her robot partner and their child. The commercial was featured during the 2006 Super Bowl.

A long-tailed reptilian monster (Godzilla-style) smashes its way through a CG city, stepping on low buildings and knocking over high rises. All of a sudden she meets another creature her own size - a robot. His eyes glow red.

Thus begins the romance behind the Hummer. The couple stroll through the streets, enjoying the moonlight. Before long we see the couple again - this time the monster is pregnant.

Another scene shows the day of the birth. The robot’s busy with his work - dismantling the city, when he hears his partner calling. He goes to her side and finds her with the new baby - a red Hummer H3. They kiss. He gently puts it down on the ground and they watch it drive off.

The super is superimposed over a shot of the Earth: "It’s a Little Monster"The New H3 Hummer - Like Nothing Else.

The new H3 is perhaps the child of the larger H1 and H2 SUVs. It’s a more affordable and economical vehicle, with a 220 horsepower 5 cylinder engine that is claimed to do 20 miles per gallon. And what’s more, it is available in manual transmission.

The campaign was developed by advertising agency Modernista!. The team included senior art director Philip Bonnery, executive creative director Gary Koepke, executive producer Lance Jensen, senior agency producer Eric Voegele, and senior copywriter Alex Flint.

Production Company behind the Monster Hummer ad was Biscuit Filmworks. The production team included director Noam Murro, executive poducer Shawn Lacey Tessaro, director of photography Toby Irwin, and producer Jay Veal.

The monster and robot modelling were developed by Stan Winston Studios - the team who developed creatures for Aliens, reptiles for Jurassic Park, and the robots or Steven Spielberg’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence, and Jurassic Park.

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