Hummer H3T Storm Chaser

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Have you ever wondered how meteorological scientists study tornados? Well this is an instance where the movies didn’t lie to you. Just like in the film Twister, tornado researchers drive vehicles directly into the path of the storm and release “pods” that take scientific measurements and capture data for the researchers to study.

Real life twister hunter Dr. Joshua Wurman was looking for a vehicle that he could use for the VORTEX2 tornado research study, a vehicle that could withstand heavy rain, hail, flash flooding and washed out roads. What he chose was the HUMMER H3T to be the lead vehicle in the largest tornado study ever conducted.

The elevated ground clearance and ability to ford up to a 24 inch flood made the H3T the perfect vehicle for the job. Dr. Wurman was quoted as saying that “we can send the Hummer into places where we haven’t sent our other probe vehicles before.”

You can follow the Hummer Storm Chaser at the link below for updates and a twister inspired blog.

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Haha, that’s one nasty sports truck.

In fact VORTEX2 will deploy 40 vehicles customized with mobile radar, including the Doppler On Wheels (DOW) radars, a fleet of instrumented vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, deployable instrument arrays called Sticknet and Podnet, and mobile weather balloon launchers. About 100 scientists and crew will research tornadoes and super storm cells in the Tornado Alley of the United States plains. 900 miles (1,400 km) between Texas and Minnesota will be analyzed during the study. So this is the purpose of Hummer for this project.

Got this from the net. VORTEX2 is a planned second VORTEX project with field phases from 10 May until 13 June 2009 and 1 May until 15 June 2010. VORTEX2 will study why some thunderstorms produce tornadoes while others do not, how to make more accurate and longer lead time tornado forecasts and warnings, and tornado structure. VORTEX2 is by far the largest and most ambitious tornado study ever. VORTEX2 may answer questions such as those posed by Mike Biggerstaff of the National Weather Center: "How do storms form a tornado? How long do they last? Why do they last that long? And then, what makes them dissipate?

By the time, this modofied Hummer H3T Storm Chaser, hits the eye of the storm, we know there is no more storm to chase...only to enjoy.

With this Hummer, we can now storm the face of tornaddoes and get to study the facts behind the whirlwind behavior

This storm chaser have all what a weather scientist needs when facing the hard fact head on.

Munis the special effects and the actors, the pods and the high pole connected to the car means alot for future study of Tornadoes like Katrina

Tornadoes will soon be humming the Hummer’s name without the special effects and CGI technology

Hummer H3T Storm Chaser is a real hardcore that can face nature’s harshest blow face to face!

So if you want to look like a movie star err... a hardcore storm chaser Hummer H3T Tornado Storm Chaser is here to feed that man ego!

Hummer H3T Tornado Storm Chaser: Less Bill Paxton, More Awesome! But kidding aside Tornadoes have always intrigued us and the movies, Twister and the TIV-2 solidified our desire to get into the eye of the storm. We might finally have our day with the Hummer H3T Storm Chaser.

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