Hummer HX preview of the next H4

At the Detroit Auto Show, Hummer unveiled the HX Concept, a small, open-air model which points towards the US brand’s plans for a compact SUV to compete head-on with the Freelander. The future model will be badged H4 and could go into production in almost a year.

Source: AutoExpress

The HX Concept features removable roof panels that enable the concept to adopt three different bodystyles. There’s a full hard-top and an exposed fastback, and by removing the rear C-pillars, it can be given the look of a military off-roader.

The HX Concept is powered by a direct-injection 3.6-litre FlexFuel V6. that runs on E85 bioethanol, that might also be used in the production version, so the H4 will be a quite eco-friendly model.


Well for Transformers fans, the vehicle was featured in the movie Revenge of the Fallen. On the Exterior design, billet aluminum suspension components that feature CNC-machined lightening.

i am vaer happy to see this car

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