Hummer sale goes dead; GM to wind down brand

General Motors’ sale of Hummer to Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machines Co. Ltd. is dead and as a result GM has decided to just wind down the brand.

After months of negotiations, the agreement between Tengzhong and GM stalled because of a multitude of reasons, including poor sales of Hummer and the fact that the sale would go against the country’s increased efforts in curbing gas-guzzling vehicles in favour of more eco-friendly cars. The deal with Tengzhong was supposed to save Hummer from folding, which was what GM initially planned to do if it couldn’t find a partner to buy the brand.

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Source: MSNBC

And now that the only company that has expressed any interest in buying Hummer has backed off, GM has been left with no alternative but to just let the brand wind down its sales until it completely sets off into the sunset.

Likewise, GM will still honot any Hummer warranties and provide customer service support to current owners all over the world.

We don’t know if there’s going to be anyone that would step up in the 11th hour and purchase Hummer the same way Spyker did with Saab , but with the recent trend of auto brands putting a premium on eco-friendly vehicles, it looks highly unlikely that the gas-guzzling Hummer will find its own knight in shining armor.


Truly a dinosaur in today’s world...though I guess I am kind of surprised that China couldn’t/wouldn’t find the cash, there’s probably some global market for these beasts among the newly rich and arrogant.

Can’t say I’ll shed any tears for this cartoon brand built on false military bravado and over sized ego needs

impressive, i bet the volt’s performance did reach beyond the consumer’s expectations. KUDOS to GM.

It’s not that horrible looking car but honestly, I can’t see a single beauty in it.

I never really like that kind of car not even an itchy to ride on it.

That hummer is disgusting, really makes me lose my appetite.

You know if there will come a model from Hummer which runs on hybrid or electric motor, people might consider it again for a ride.

Do you really believe you’ll gain a lot of money decreasing the price of your Hummer. Well think again. Perhaps you should just make it at least free then we’ll think of availing that trash.

well that was a bad news from GM, well even selling the Hummer to the chinese, still it wont help saving it. because of the Monstrous engine installed on it.

well that’s a good decision, selling it to Chinese will just put some dirt to it’s reputation. in addition Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machines will not get a high profit to it due to fuel efficiency problem, as we all know green cars, eco-friendly, and hybrid engine are the top selling today.

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