Hummer stars in "Transformers" movie

The new movie “Transformers” will be launched across Europe on JUne 28. And you all know the plot of this movie: aliens who take on mechanical forms when they arrive on earth. One of the four main characters is “AUTOBOT RATCHET™” who transforms from a HUMMER H2 rescue vehicle.

The movie which is based on the popular Hasbro action figures, stars Shia LaBeouf, Tyrese Gibson and Josh Duamel and includes Steven Spielberg in its production team. It is set to further widen the awareness of the HUMMER’s iconic design across to new audiences Europe.

The HUMMER H2 stands out in daily traffic with its distinctive square-cut profile. Available as SUV and SUT, the H2 is powered by a GM Vortec 6.0L V-8 that generates 242 kW (325 hp) at 5200 rpm. The HUMMER H2 remains the all-terrain conqueror as well as offering a smooth and comfortable drive for its occupants in every situation.

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