Hummer to feature biofuel capability by the end of 2010

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Hummer HX Concept

GM announced that by the end of 2010 all the Hummer vehicles will feature biofuel capability. Recently a dealership called Classic Chevrolet Chevrolet / Hummer opened public biofuel pumps and GM revealed a 2009 H2 SUT, which was E85 capable, described by the public who first saw it, as a derivate of the HX concept.

The biofuel station called Classic Clean Fuels, located in Dallas, Texas, offers biofuel at nine dedicated pumps which cost over $500,000. The dealership announced that it will deliver E85 capable vehicles with an extra tank of E85 . “We sell a lot of trucks capable of running on alternative fuels like E85, and even though there has been some increased availability, we saw a need for more E85 pumps where drivers could fill up” said Charles Martin, general manager at Classic Chevrolet / Hummer.

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