Hummer Vs School Bus

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One person was injured yesterday morning when a Hummer crashed into a school bus.

No children were on the Indianapolis Public Schools bus when it collided with the Hummer at Terrace Avenue and Madison Avenue, according to Marion County police.

Police closed Madison Avenue near Pleasant Run Parkway North Drive while firefighters worked to extricate the driver of the SUV out of the vehicle.

The victim was awake and transported to an area hospital.

I was thinking, acording to the image, or the crash was at a very high speed, or the Hummer are really more fragile of what i thought.


真的假的? 太厉害了,嘿嘿!

Yet ANOTHER reason to not buy a Hummer...they get what, 7-8mpg, and they are obviously not built very well. Long live Volkswagens!

How can someone survive in a crash like that, I don’t believe it.

I know what kinda junk they are. I worked on them for the Army for 14yrs. Univeral & powerful?,.. eh... ok... built well? No frellin way!!


The funny part is that the bus probably drove away from the accident. As for the H2, R.I.P.

that just shows how crapy GM makes there cars

i bet you GM guys will think twice now lol long live the HEMI

oh my god!what a crash

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