Hybrid Toyota MR-2 in the works?

In their perpetual game of one-upsmanship, Toyota has been rumoured to come out with a car that would rival Honda ’s new CR-Z hybrid sports coupe.

While nothing yet has been confirmed by Toyota, Japan’s Best Car magazine has nevertheless taken its own spin on the matter, releasing a photo of what it says could be the Toyota MR-S – the long rumoured hybrid successor of the MR2 .

We’re not exactly fluent in Nihonggo so we’ll just have to make do with an artist’s rendering of what the MR-S could potentially look like, and judging from the image, it looks like the ‘supposed’ MR-S – with those oh-so-groovy yellow green rims – has taken the reins from the CR-Z in the sportier-looking department.

Now, all of this may end up being just a rumor since Toyota already has a sports coupe that’s set to go out on the market soon in the FT-86 , but then again, speculation is always fun, especially when it comes to the ‘what-you-can-do-I-can-do-better’ game Toyota and Honda have been having for quite some time.

Source: Best Car


High glossy finish on the blue matte on this Toyoto MR-2, impressive but the capability of Honda to do their own version of a hybrid car may be a possible entity of sudden death on the Hybrid line of cars. But don’t forget the entity of Nissan and Mitsubishi that can upset all of them.

It’s a good thing that Toyota and Honda are on a one on one battle. We could at least expect better design from time to time. Go on, make the competition tighter.

I just hope this won’t be another failure move from toyota, I hope Toyota can do it & bring us a new MR2 with a decent design!

Completely agree with Uncia.

not really, as long as they keep those damn hub mounted generators from the Prius off the MR-2’s front wheels it should be ok

I couldn’t be more against hybrids - if you tune them for fuel economy they destroy performance, and if you tune the system for performance you end up with no increase in mpg and a huge increase in weight. Either go with good old gasoline power or make it 100% electric. If little Tesla can do it, Toyota certainly can.

I hope they re-release the MR2. I’d consider buying one if it’s gasoline powered and I almost certainly would buy one if it was electric.

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