Hyundai Genesis Coupe turbocharged track package first impression

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So, we have just stopped for lunch, and I have to say that the 4 cylinder turbo Genesis Coupe is sweet. The car we were test driving was equipped with the track package, so it gets a firmer suspension, 19 inch rollers and a set of beautiful red Brembo brakes. The interior of the Coupe exceeded my expectations; the racing style buckets are supportive, the center stack is filled with attractive smooth plastic pieces and the sunroof really opens up the interior. The only thing missing is a boost gauge.

The exterior of Hyundai’s new sport compact is the perfect blend of style and aggression. However, the most impressive thing is the ride in this sport coupe, it is smooth and comfortable, even with the stiffer shock and spring set-up and low profile tires. The Genesis Coupe is definitely a step up from previous Hyundai offerings.

After lunch we are getting into a 300 HP V6 version, stay tuned for a performance comparison a little later on today.

To see the rest of from our trip to Hotlanta check out the links below:


Terence, I hope you have video to show. so we can also rate this car real time

I hope you can give more comparison on this segment

I hope TopSpeed could take home one of these versions.

I also admire the 29 inch rim....perfect

Genesis is definitely a step up from what we previously know about this Korean car

The 19 inch rollers fit perfectly with the Brembo breakes. Terence bring us more news on this. We woudl love to see more pounding action

Terence, I hope you could also give up a video of this trip. So we can see exactly how this car performance in real time

Wow that’s a very quick updates Terence. I hope you get a video for TopSpeed fans to watch.

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