Hyundai provides Equus Catering service for US Market

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When the Equus flagship sedan made its debut at the 2010 New York Auto Show, Korean automaker Hyundai had made plans to sell the car at pre-existing dealers.

Fortunately for any potential Equus owners, things change. And Hyundai’s plans have changed in a very unique way. Now, instead of you going to a dealership to talk with an Equus sales specialist, they will be coming to you. The program will be named "Your time, Your Place", accordingly, because a salesman will come wherever you please and whenever you please, to demo the Equus for you. Just for you.

And it doesn’t stop there. Hyundai’s clear intent is to make purchasing the Equus the most exclusive ownership experience there is to offer. They will be succeeding at this by providing in-home pickup whenever your Equus needs to be serviced. The Equus even comes equipped with an Apple iPad so you can schedule your maintenance right from inside your car using the owner’s manual Apple tablet. After you have scheduled your maintenance, Hyundai will pick up and re-deliver your Equus. Not to mention they will replace it with a Genesis while it’s gone; all as you sit on the couch.

For just $50,000-$60,00, you not only get a top of the line sedan, but you also get treated as if you owned a $400,000 Rolls-Royce . Way to go, Hyundai!

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hmm. This process is kind of a real state agent that comes from door to door to offer you a condo unit. I wonder if this strategy have improved the sale of the Hyundai or not?

Well, that’s actually an impressive package from the Hyundai. It’s great to know that even the car was sold out, the company is still concern with their customer.

I doubt with the works of Korean. For me, people will not consider this one, since there are more powerful cars from Japan and United States. We need to test first the works of Koreans before we come after their car.

Hyundai makes a stunning vehicle in the market. This Korean car really invades the automobile industry. And with its awesomeness and high speed performance I bet it would be sell like hot cakes!

We have to admit that Korean car is a newbie in the automobile industry. I bet it’s a great opportunity for this car to passed the strict regulation of US market.

Its good to know that Equus catering service will be available for US because we all know how expensive it is to bring our cars outside our area for maintenance and check ups.

I really like on how the Hyundai treat their customers, they continue to serve once
the car was sold. And I bet the owners feels like owning a Roll Royce car!

@allan_tom, I agree on you. I think that’s awesome as well. And I think this idea is original. I bet the other car manufacturer would copy this soon!

Well, I agree on you. Among the Hyundai model, this version is the best! And I really loved their program for it refer to the convenience of their customer.

Equus would be the must have of every driver! Well, the good thing about this car is that you could have a high performing car and an awesome look as well. And I have to agree that it feels like owning a Roll Royce car.

Well, I do believe that this they should make it available for all their model not only in the Equus! This would be amazing since their is a growing popularity in Hyundai brand.

I think this would be a great deal for all the Equus future owners. Well, I do hope that Hyundai makes it convenient for all their brand that would be great!

Oh yeah! That was a great deal! I think the whole package is irresistible. For sure, the customer will probably feel that they are actually feeling the same way like owning a million dollar Roll Royce!

I agree on you Phe_Rari, I do like also that maintenance service. However,I believe that the luxurious styling of the Equus complement to the beauty of Europe!

wow! that’s what you call a total customer service! I can’t believe the service package deal that they are offering. But for sure the service is not how much is it?

Sure the Equus will sell a few units when its released but are we really supposed to believe the people with this kind of money are going to want to shop in the same space as someone buying a bare minimum sonata or Elantra?

wow, that was so amazing..On the other hand is it convenient for the two parties...cause it’s better if you could see different choices of the car from their store.

Sure it was easy to move Genesis models when people had credit and had a lower unemployment rate, but now that the credit is dried up and the unemployment rate is higher than 10% - with most car buyers opting for vehicles under $20,000, the only people the Equus can target are people with enough money to buy true luxury cars.

There’s a brand snobbery that goes into buying a luxury car and I refuse to believe, the people buying cars in the $40,000 - $80,000 range are snubbing BMW or Mercedes or Lexus for a Hyundai - until I see sales figures that say otherwise.

The buyers of these cars just don’t care. Hyundai has done it’s market research and found out the things that really matter to the people who spend $50k+ on large, low performance luxury sedans. You are obviously not the target market.

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