Hyundai takes crack at Top Gear with "Top Deer" commercial

We don’t know what it is with Korean manufacturers and their fascination with furry animals in their commercials, but whatever it is, it works.

Following in Kia’s lead of using rapping hamsters, Hyundai has put together its own UK-only commercial featuring some of our favorite four-legged creatures for the Hyundai Tucson IX35 . What’s better, Hyundai even had some time to spoof one of our favorite car shows ever, Top Gear, renaming it in their own liking as Top Deer.

We’re guessing that Clarkson’s the deer - or is it a moose? - May’s the tortoise, and, naturally, Hammond’s the hamster. Can’t say that there aren’t any resemblances, huh?

Source: YouTube


haha they really make a cute Top Gear there. That deer really drives fast and cool haha! I wonder if the hamster and turtle will drive too.

Yeah, I think it was funny though I don’t get the point of the Top Deer? For humor effect or they mean something about it. However, I have watched the rapping hamster, And I do admit that I have rape the replay button!haha

Funny! I wonder what they meant about impersonating the dear, tortoise and hamster for the Top Gear hosts. I really don’t focus in the car but to the deer that drives the Hyundai car!

Now that they actually compared Clarkson to a moose, i can see the resemblance. In a good way...

Hahaha, its very intersting how car companies make their commercial.

I’m awaiting the rebuttal once Top Gear gets back on the air at the end of this month.... This should be better than Mini VS. Porsche!

hahaha great promotional movie. yes it’s beautiful and stunning.. even myself craves for it..

nice CGI.. i love the reaction of the Hamster on what the deer said.. Lovely as a "hamster sandwich".

Cool commercial, and am not expecting that the deer will be able to drive that hyundai. Well, that was fun and I think this even prove the durability will look like the deer horn.

hahaha those hamster looks too small for the deer hahaha.. isn’t that the Kia and Hyundai tied up?

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