Hyundai to give away free iPad for every Equus purchase

Admit it: whenever you buy a car, do you really make a concerted effort in reading the owner’s manual? If you said yes, you’re either lying or you’re part of the minority who really does care about what the manual says. If you answered no, then, well, at least you’re honest.

Hyundai doesn’t seem to think about the owner’s manual that they’re actually forgoing the little textbook to anybody buying the just-unveiled 2011 Hyundai Equus in favor of something that you probably would enjoy more: an iPad. Hyundai’s rationale for this quirky yet ingenious ‘promotion’ is that by giving Equus buyers an iPad instead of an owner’s manual, it should allow these customers to make vehicle service appointments wirelessly.

Yeah, right. Last time we checked, anybody with a wireless Internet connection can do that with a click of a few buttons. But we have to admit, it is a pretty nice take-with-you gift whenever you buy a car. Sort of like that St. Louis Hummer dealership that’s giving away free shotguns for every purchase of a Hummer.

Or maybe not.

Source: Hyundai


Are you asking how generous the Hyundai was? They are giving away iPad for free! Whew, it must be one of their strategies to call the attentions of buyers, but it was still awesome.

At least any kid with tons of free time will be able to work your car before you can. Who reads the manual anyways!?

Yeah, really, why the heck do I want their owner’s manual?!? Like do I want a digital copy of my mom’s sewing machine?!?

Maybe because, of the low sales of iPad, they put it to new hyundai cars to increase their sales.

Well I guess this is another April fools joke. Isn’t it?

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