Hyundai Veloster Concept unveiled at LA Auto Show

Hyundai unveiled the Veloster Sporty Coupe Concept at the Los Angeles International Auto Show for the first time in North America. Styled at Hyundai’s Design and Technical Center at Namyang, Korea the Veloster coupe is the third in a series of daring concept cars to be developed by the company’s central styling studio.

The Veloster name, a compound of velocity and roadster, evokes the sporty characteristics of a classic 2+2. A panoramic glass roof and other futuristic styling cues help project a high-tech image.

Hyundai Veloster Concept unveiled at LA Auto Show

Hyundai’s goal was to design a radically new car for Gen-Y, catering to the tastes of the first-time, 20-something buyer. This sporty coupe combines simple, iconic design with good value and robust construction – an ideal combination for today’s young consumers.

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